Dragons Talk and the Arrival of Bouncer

Tomorrow will be the arrival of Bouncer a baby Continental Giant Rabbit.

I say baby… but this animal will already be HUGE. Last minute preparation of the hutch also includes rabbit-proofing the stable. Huge thanks to the Captain, My Landlord who has helped with this despite the hail.

On the same day I am delivering a talk and handling session to 60 children at Brighton and Hove Museum on “Dragons” and am taking 5 snakes, a Legless Lizard, 3 Bearded Dragons, 2 geckos, a salamander and a Bosc Monitor to give the children some ideas on their fire-breathing relatives.


Fingers crossed there is no snow as it will be a nightmare trying to get this lot into town without mishap. I have bought a load of hot-water bottles just in case. I’m also sneaking in a few chickens as they are the closest relative to the dinosaur.

Meanwhile my parrot is getting bolder. Can’t wait to start taking him out to future events.