Thank You for your interest in the Animal School.

Making animals accessable to everyone is my mission in life.


I started Animal School as a local "pet club" at Hassocks Pet Centre. The formula hasn't changed all that much.

I encouraged handling of my own and the shops' animals by handing them out on cushions. The animals seem to thrive when being handled in this way and many of them were tamed by children at the pet club.

I ask questions to see what the children already know. I tell stories to encourage learning and sharing, draw cartoons, make short videos and sing songs about the pets.

There is often a quiz with prizes. I email my club members whenever I have a new show booked. You can join the mailing list via the link on the main page.

I have hired out my Animal School to visit Scouts and Brownies. I have visited Deaf, Blind and Special Needs Schools. They have been feature animals at The Animal Healing Centre. They have entertained the elderly at residential homes. Not to mention visiting numerous schools and preschools and starring at childrens' birthday parties.

I am always happy to learn new skills and take my animals out for new projects. I am happy to give advice on pet keeping and assist with rehoming animals. I have a degree in illustration from St Martins College of Art and I enjoy teaching how to draw animals too.


Contact Me: 07795422036 


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My name is Lindsay Cross. I grew up on a farm in East Sussex. My Mum was a vet nurse and she gave me lots of early experiences in animal care. I spent my childhood sitting up trees watching wild badgers and foxes and drawing cartoons of animals. I am still doing this.

Everyday I work with animals. I run a small private zoo from my home in Lewes and have worked in a local pet shop for the last decade, buying and selling animals. During this time I have started a pet club, rehomed countless rescue animals, nursed and released numerous wild birds and mammals, volunteered with wildlife sanctuaries and written and illustrated care-sheets.